Digital System Clocking:

High Performance and Low Power Aspects




Vojin G. Oklobdzija, Vladimir M. Stojanovic, Dejan M. Markovic, Nikola M. Nedovic


Wiley-Interscience,  John Wiley & Sons Publication 2003

ISBN 0-471-27447-X,,047127447X|desc|2908,00.html


Presentation slides:

Chapter 1: Introduction  (ppt, pdf)

Chapter 2: Theory of Clocked Storage Elements  (ppt, pdf)

Chapter 3: Timing and Timing Parameters  (ppt, pdf)

Chapter 4: Pipelining and Timing Analysis  (ppt, pdf)

Chapter 5: High-Performance System Issues  (ppt, pdf)

Chapter 6: Low-Energy System Issues  (ppt, pdf)

Chapter 7: Simulation Techniques  (ppt, pdf)

Chapter 8: State-of-the-Art Clocked Storage Elements in CMOS Technology  (ppt, pdf)

Chapter 9: Microprocessor Examples  (ppt, pdf)

References  (pdf)

Lecture Handouts (pdf)


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